Linking with and supporting communities in Tamil Nadu.


Newsletter May 2019

Below are examples of how your support will make a difference:

£20 will buy seeds and seedlings for a home kitchen garden, offering a long-term solution to hunger and malnutrition.

£100 will buy a sewing machine, giving women an opportunity to supplement family income.

£120 will cover a year's training and travel for a female community volunteer, who educates her village on matters relating to health, climate change and land rights.

Tamwed is run by volunteers, 100% of funds received will go directly to the projects listed

Tribal Futures Plan 2019 and Annual Report 2018 - Click Here

Annual Report 2018 - Click Here



Tribal families in the Nilgiri villages that Tamwed supports are being encouraged to produce a range of healthy crops for their own consumption and to sell. Farmers grow high quality, organic coffee on small plots of land high in the hills which Tamwed then sells with other produce from the area to raise funds to support health and other work as part of our Tribal Futures project.

Coffee de-husking campaignOur partner organisation the ISLAND Trust works closely with communities in a group of villages on a Tamwed-funded project to improve the health of tribal families; help them to tackle the effects of climate change; and promote their rights and their unique culture. We hope that we can prevent migration from their traditional homelands with the resources they and their children need for sustainable, productive lives.

Last year we helped fund two simple but extremely useful machines to de-husk coffee beans before they are dried and roasted. This can take days to do by hand but minutes by hand-driven machine. The two de-huskers we bought last year were a huge success and were used by tribal families from distant villages. The resulting, extremely tasty, coffee is being sold by us in the UK to add to funds to support the team of voluntary health workers from the tribal villagers who were recruited and trained last year.

There are two types of coffee bean de-huskers – a small one costing £150 and a larger one at £300. We have been asked to fund two of each in locations that are handy to farmers from remote villages scattered over the hills.


Tamwed (Tamil Nadu/West Devon)

Tamwed - Linking with and supporting communities in Tamil Nadu & providing practical and lasting aidTamwed was set up to build links between communities in South India and the South West of England and support projects that benefit the most needy in Tamil Nadu. The organisation's founders have long standing professional and personal links with community groups in the area and have collaborated on projects over many years.

We are a voluntary organisation that is entirely dependent on the goodwill of donors to support our projects which are delivered through NGOs and developed in response to the needs of the most marginalised and isolated rural communities.

Our partner NGOs are GAWDESY and the ISLAND Trust which work with Scheduled Caste and Tribal communities. Respecting Gandhian principles, much of their work centres around the welfare of women through the formation and support of Women's Self Help Groups and micro-credit systems..

We currently support community health, herbal medicine and climate change projects. More about our work can be found on links to the relevant project.

We hope you enjoy your visit here and feel inspired to help. Please follow the link to our donations form. If you are able to support us in any way please get in touch.

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