Tribal families from villages high in the Nilgiri Hills are being encouraged to produce a range of healthy crops for their own consumption and to sell. As well as fruit and vegetables, farmers grow high quality, organic coffee and tea on small plots of land which Tamwed then sells with other goods from the area to raise funds to support our Tribal Futures project.

Our partner organisation the ISLAND Trust works closely with a group of 35 villages on a Tamwedfunded project to improve the health of tribal families, increase income generation, tackle the effects of climate change and promote their rights and their unique culture. We hope that we can prevent migration from traditional tribal homelands with the resources that current and future generations need for sustainable, productive lives in the beautiful Nilgiri Hills with its ceunique flora and fauna.

Last year we helped fund two simple but extremely useful machines to de-husk coffee beans before they are dried and roasted. This can take days to do by hand but minutes by hand-driven machine. The machines we bought last year were a huge success and were used by tribal families from distant villages. The resulting, very tasty, organic coffee is sold by us in the UK to add to funds to support the team of voluntary health workers from the tribal villagers who were recruited last year. Another group of women has been trained to produce high quality crafts using local materials while a celebrated tribal artist has contributed original artwork for cards and framed pictures. In this way we are helping communities to be self-sufficient and less reliant on outside support.

There are two types of coffee bean de-huskers – a small one costing £150 and a larger one at £300. We have been asked to fund two of each in locations that are handy to farmers from remote villages scattered over the hills.

If you would like to donate, the easiest way is by using your mobile phone. Simply send a text message to 70070 including our code –TAMW01 – and a monetary amount up to £10.

e.g. To: 70070

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After you’ve sent the text, you’ll receive a confirmation text back containing details on how to add Gift Aid, meaning Tamwed could benefit from an extra 25%.

Just giving to TamwedThis service is free for Tamwed, and anyone on any mobile network can use it to donate to our projects. Your donation will be deducted from your mobile phone credit, or added to your monthly phone bill. You won’t be charged for the text message.

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Tribal futures

Tribal Futures

Tribal Futures

De-husking a crop of coffee beans by hand can take days - by machine, minutes. Water is poured over the beans while the machine separates the husks which are used for compost. After drying and roasting, families keep some of the high quality coffee for themselves and sell the rest to dealers who try and negotiate a low price.